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Few countries have only one official language and fewer still have only one language in wide use.  What I’ve done here is to create a list of countries in which a language is used for which we have an approved translation of the CORE-OM or YP-CORE or in which an approved translation was started (but may not still be being actively developed). Some countries here are using CORE widely and/or have CORE support networks. As of mid 2020 I am working slowly to update this list and to link to a page about CORE in the country if I know about that, if I don’t know of any active use or support for CORE in the country, the link will just go to a language used in the country for which we have an approved translation.

If you are from a country not on this and want to update me about what’s happening there, or if you want to a language translation done for your country do contact me (CE) (particularly if you might be willing to co-lead and approved translation).

Page created 11/8/19, updated 9/12/23, will always be work in progress; author CE; header image, Alps from Aime, France, CE; licence for text and image: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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