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Let me know if you have questions about the CORE system or instruments. I try to answer Emails as fast as I can and now I’m launching a revamped and more manageable site I will try to convert questions that come up more than a couple of times to entries here. Please read the first FAQ before any others. You may find more detail on a topic in the background and discussion documents though that should be flagged in the FAQ.


  1. Responsibilities and legalities. Please read this short note before any other FAQ!
  2. Are the instruments really free to use?
  3. How do I interpret LD-CORE scores?
  4. Gender classification in CORE instruments.
  5. Age ranges for CORE instruments (particularly the YP-CORE).
  6. Images of CORE instruments (particularly for theses!)
  7. Why this site has CSC cutting points for (at least some) measures but not names for more than two score levels. That actually points off to a blog post on my generic work site as the issues are not particular to CORE measures.
  8. What does the “non-commercial” clause in the Creative Commons licence mean if you are putting CORE instruments into commercial software? See this bit of the copyright and licensing page.
  9. I am putting a CORE instrument into software and want to omit the demographic block in the instrument as we collect that information elsewhere. Can I do that? Probably but see here in the copyright and licensing page.
  10. “Password protected” problem with the fillable PDFs

Where you might want to go next:

Perhaps the instruments, or just search around!

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