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I am creating this page as I know there are an increasing number of software systems embedding CORE instruments, i.e. the CORE-A and the measures and it seems sensible to have a page where authors/owners can put a paragraph about what they offer and a link to any web presence they have.

The background is that CORE Information Management Systems were until 2015 the only company CST licensed to put CORE instruments into software and they continue to provide standalone CORE-PC and the client/server CORE-Net system and would be happy to be contacted about their systems and pricing. Since 2015 others have been able to embed CORE instruments without payment of any licence fees provided that they comply with our Creative Commons Licence (see and the line “© CORE System Trust:” which should be at the foot of any legal copy of any of our instruments). I know of options including the attractively simple and completely free CORE-bots from and Pragmatic Tracker from As of today (20/3/22) I am inviting anyone providing CORE instruments in software, provided that they confirm that they are complying with our licence, to give me a paragraph and a link which I will mount here


I am providing absolutely zero evaluation of these systems: inclusion here does not mean I have tried the system nor does anything not appearing here mean that I don’t think it should. The rules are simple: if the owner of the system confirms they obey the Creative Commons licence and gives me a paragraph and link, or even just a link, it goes here. Do contact me if you are a system provider/owner and wish to be included here.


Pragmatic Tracker

Pragmatic Tracker is a web based outcome tracking tool for tracking change with your clients.One can track client progress in mental health treatment, recovery or in any situation where change can be measured through questionnaires. There’s a wide range of well established outcome measures commonly used in mental health treatment (including the CORE measures and many other commonly used measures). There’s also a goals-based outcome tool, a problems tracking tool, appointment reminders by email or text and much more… For more information see

COREbots at Therapy Meets Numbers

Therapy Meets Numbers aims to bridge the gap between therapy research, evaluation and practice. At the beginning of the global pandemic in 2020 we were already exploring how bot technology could be helpful in supporting the work of therapy, including the delpoyment of measures. 
As therapy was driven largely online we responded to the effort of Chris Evans and the CORE System Trust to make remotely completed versions of the principal CORE measures available to the field. So, we got to thinking, what if we could replicate the CORE measures within an interaction similar to the kind you find in online help ‘chat bots’?  This resulted in the CORE-bots: remotely completed versions of the CORE-OM and CORE-10 measures.
Free, simple to use, and anonymous. Start the interaction, complete the measure, enter an email address (not retained by TMN) to which a summary is sent.
You can try the measures here, and get an overview of our other blogs here.

Created 20/3/22; updated 25/4/22; author CE (except for individual entries); licence: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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