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About me

Best information is on my site: here.

CORE System Trust

CORE System Trust (CST) remains myself, Professor Michael Barkham and Dr. Frank Margison, see about CORE and the relationship of CORE to CST. However most of my work on and with CORE has for many years now been with others and it seems time (Q1 2022) to have some better documentation of this, hence this page.

Subsite owners/editors authors

These are currently:

Primary collaboration and support: UDLA

This is undoubtedly with Clara and UDLA. UDLA currently underwrite technical support with this site and some of its costs (increasingly), they are also about to start funding someone to take over making up PDFs for the huge backlog of approved translations which either have no PDF yet, or only have the CORE-OM made up.

Clara Paz

Work with Clara has been the largest part of my CORE collaborative work for quite a few years now (and of my non-CORE collaborations) and has been enormously productive and also both enjoyable and productive. Clara and I have been fairly successful in getting papers published (see my current CV: contact me if you want a paper that isn’t open access). To date most of our work has been about using CORE in Ecuador and Latin America and more generally about self-report questionnaire measures of mental health, wellbeing, psychological state being used across countries, cultures, languages and even language variants. However, we have wider work developing, see upcoming page in my non-CORE site. To find out more about Clara see her bio page in UDLA and her ResearchGate page and her ORCID record.

Other UDLA colleagues and researchers

Jorge Valdiviezo-Oña is doing a PhD focusing on implementation of embedded change management (a.k.a. feedback informed treatment) in Quito with supervision from Clara and Prof. Adrián Montesano of UOC in Barcelona. In addition to his PhD Jorge has been providing invaluable support with several other projects, CORE and less CORE ones, that Clara and I are doing.


I am working with many different people on many different projects some of which include work not involving or relating to CORE which should also start to be cross-referenced on my non-CORE work site. I won’t attempt to put all my collaborations and colleagues in here in one go so this page should expand in the months to come. I suspect it will come to need a filterable table with things like countries, measures, foci of work but for now I’ll just add people and what we’re working on as I find myself working on it.

Dr. Emily Blackshaw completed her PhD at the University of Roehampton last year with supervisory input from myself, Professor Mick Cooper and Dr. Gina Pauli. Her PhD, see her ResearchGate page, looked at the psychometrics of the YP-CORE in UK and Irish samples, help-seeking and non-help seeking. An early paper, Blackshaw, E., Evans, C., & Cooper, M. (2018). When life gets in the way: Systematic review of life events, socioeconomic deprivation, and their impact on counselling and psychotherapy with children and adolescents. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 18(2), 143–153., looked at how to measure intercurrent events impacting on therapies and supports for young people. More papers should be emerging through 2022 and 2023.

Dr. Blerta Bodinaku. Blerta and I have a collaboration going back to 2009 when she started working to finish off the Albanian translation of the CORE-OM and to do a very thorough exploration of its traditional psychometrics. We are also working on cultural issues in mental health with particular focus on Albania as a special case given its history through the last thousand and particularly the last one hundred years.

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