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This post is available in: English Español (Spanish) Italiano (Italian), there may also be a subsite in your language, see "Subsites" in the top menu.

Subsites are largely autonomous sites about CORE in languages other than English which provide a space for their editors/owners to provided locally and linguistically appropriate information. They are (in the order they were created).

The subsites are distinct from translations of pages on the main site which will largely remain computer (AI) translations to save human time and allow the subsite editors/owners to concentrate on the localised information and networks they are developing.

Editorial independence

It is important to me that the subsite editors have editorial independence: I just ask anyone contributing content to abide by a contributor code of conduct and to take responsibility for what they put in the subsite.

New subsites

I am very happy to create more subsites for others who may want to do that. We can provide you with a minimal template that is fairly easy to adapt to whatever you want and subsites can (probably should) start very minimal and allow themselves to grow gently. We can provide some technical support if you haven’t used WordPress before and to support you if WordPress isn’t doing what you want. (It happens!)

It may be that there is logic to creating subsites for specialist interests, perhaps for the YP-CORE and work with young people or for the LD-CORE and work with people with learning/intellectual disabilities/difficulties, or even perhaps for specialist research interests. If you might want to run a subsite here, or think you might help check AI translations of main site pages or do your own page translations, please do contact me.

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