Copyright and licensing

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CORE instruments move to Attribution-NoDerivatives licence

Licensing since 1/1/2015

The Core System Trust (CST) holds the copyright in the CORE instruments.

The instruments have always been free to reproduce on paper provided that they were not changed, the reproduction was not for profit and copyright was acknowledged.

To 31/12/2014 CST had licensed essentially a single provider – Core Information Management Systems Ltd (CIMS) – to reproduce the CORE instruments in software. The rationale for this has been the high initial investment required to develop the software and the need to provide training and ongoing support to users, the costs of which had to be supported by a relatively limited number of users (themselves mostly poorly funded).

CST has in addition, over the years also licensed the reproduction of CORE instruments in software to a number of researchers and CIMS has sub-licensed the reproduction of CORE instruments in software to a number of organisations.

New licensing arrangements (as of 1/1/2015)

CST and CIMS are now agreed that the widespread usage of outcome measures has matured to the point where any organisation should be free to reproduce CORE instruments in software, as well as on paper, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) licence without payment of any licence fee (see for a human readable summary of this and for the licence itself). We hope this will make it even easier for people to use the instruments.

Limitations on changes to the instruments

Under the terms of this licence the instruments may not be changed in any way. The object of this limitation is to ensure that scores will remain comparable It would be a breach of the licence to change the order of the items or to cut any items or add any new items or text but the inevitable small differences in how different software displays the text is not a copyright violation.

Limitations on translations

Where a translation of an instrument has not already been done to our requirements an independent translation is a copyright violation as it changes the instrument. We are, as we always have been, keen to work with anyone wanting to translate the instruments but this must be done in collaboration with CST and to our quality standards for translations.

CORE Instruments

CORE Instruments include the CORE Outcome Measure and all derivative works produced by CST whether by shortening (CORE-SFA, CORE-SFB, CORE-GP, CORE-10, CORE-5), adaptation/extension (CORE-LD, YP-CORE) or by approved translations.

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