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This page will provide all printable PDF files of CORE instruments providing them in zipped packages of files. To download individual files in English in the unlikely event that you can’t unzip things, go to the instrument pages; to download individual pages in other languages, go to the page for the particular language. This page is in active development and the big step forward is imminent with someone taking over this work funded by UDLA who have, very generously funded that work).

the English language PDFs in one zip file.
All the English language and (existing and checked) approved translations in one zip file. (Currently just English and Portuguese sadly: work in progress.)
All the (existing and checked) YP-CORE translations in one zip file. (ditto)

Created 10/12/21, updated 30/3/222; author CE, licence: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) .

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