Translations, translations, translations!

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We have three sorts of translations here on the CORE site, this is just help you make sure you are looking at what you really want!

  • The translations of the instruments: this includes information about the CORE approved translation process and the list of translations by country.
  • The translations of the pages in the main site: where there are translations of pages, these can be reached from the list at the top of the page and the drop down menu at the right hand end of the top menu. Almost all of these translations are automatic translations so they may not be very good in your language. Do please contact me if see something that is incomprehensible or wrong, do also contact me if you would be willing to proofread pages in your language (I am sorry, we have zero income as we never charge for the instruments so we rely on people doing things for the site for free!)
  • The autonomous subsites in languages other than English: see here for more information about these.

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