CORE (and CST: CORE System Trust)

Welcome to this CORE site! CORE stands for “Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation” and the CORE system comprises tools and thinking to support monitoring of change and outcomes in routine practice in psychotherapy, counselling and any other work attempting to promote psychological recovery, health and wellbeing. CORE System Trust is the association that owns the copyright on all the instruments in the system.

There is much information about CORE on the site and this is the primary repository from which to download the measures. If you can’t see what you want in the short menu in the header or in the menus in the footer go to the search system. As of June 2021 the site is being redeveloped and will be evolving continuously, do sign on to the Email list that summarises updates here on the site and with CORE generally.

What you might want next:

Pretty much anything! Perhaps more information about CST, copyright and licensing (you can’t just do your own translation), instruments, downloads. or just search around!

Page last updated 20/9/21, author CE, licence: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) .

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