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CORE stands for “Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation” and the CORE system comprises tools and thinking to support monitoring of change and outcomes in routine practice in psychotherapy, counselling and any other work attempting to promote psychological recovery, health and wellbeing. The CORE System Trust (CST) is the association that owns the copyright on all the instruments in the system.

There is much information about CORE on the site and this is the primary repository from which to download the measures. The site is continually being developed with more resources added so do sign on to the Email list that summarises updates on the site and with CORE generally (never more than one Email a month).

Global CORE: subsites in languages other than English and translations of the main site

As well as the main site we are creating largely autonomous subsites in other languages. The subsites aren’t aiming to duplicate the content on the main site but to foster communities of use in their particular language. The top menu of the site has the subsites (over on the right) so I recommend that you check out if there is a subsite in your own language before exploring the main site a lot.

We are also starting to translate pages on the main site into other languages. Currently many translations are automatic AI translations and haven’t been checked and improved by a human being so you may have a laugh at some of them and have to use some imagination to work out what the AI translator thought the English was saying. Sorry about that! We hope the translations, AI or human, are useful and that an increasing proportion of the pages will come to be translated into an increasing number of languages. Please contact me if might want to edit a subsite for your own language or just want to help proofread AI translations of the meain site.

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About CORE and the relationship of CORE to CST

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