CORE System Trust

CST owns the CORE instruments but supports their use without payment of reproduction fees.

More about copyright, licensing, reproduction and inclusion in software

Page last updated 23/05/2018 to note privacy policy statement.

CORE stands for “Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation”.

Other pages provide information about the history of the CORE instruments and system, information about the instruments, a download page off that which gives free access to the PDFs, information about our translation policy and existing translations, an incomplete but growing list of published work that has used the instruments that we know of, some information about CST currently, a blog, an FAQ (in development: send us questions!) and some links (ditto!).  The site will be in gentle development as not charging for instruments (see Copyright and Licensing) means we have effectively zero funding and time, however the blog will provide latest news.  Do use the “Contact us” form to tell us if you’d like a publication added to the publications list or if you have questions (they could help us build the FAQs), comments or feedback on the site.

In line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), I have created a CST privacy policy statement that details GDPR/privacy issues relating to CST and to this web site.  This will be updated if anything in it changes in the future.

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