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The 34 item main “Outcome Measure” (hence “OM”). Please stay with the original name “CORE-OM” rather than “CORE-34”. Designed for adults, probably usable down to about age 16 depending on literacy. The CORE-OM is the root of the short forms:

One of the two original quasi-parallel 18 item forms.

The other of those original short forms.

More recent short form as need for shorter forms grew and it became clear that alternating forms was often impractical.

Short form for general population survey work.  No risk items.

Form for young people aged 13-17, usable from 11 to 18, psychometric properties and scores vary with age and gender.

Forms drawing on the CORE-OM design but co-developed with people with learning disabilities, for them.

15 item LD-CORE.

30 item LD-CORE.

The practitioner completed instruments, collectively the CORE-A (A for Assessment).  These are designed primarily to collect information giving context in which to interpret self-report measure responses.

(Therapy Asessment Form) – practitioner completed form that gives the crucial initial context to the change measurement

(End of Therapy form) – similar form completed at the end of the therapy describing the therapy.

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