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Please read this and don’t just jump to the form!

The message will come to me (Chris Evans, that’s me above trying to look stern).  We receive no income from the CORE instruments and I do this entirely in my own time so it may take me some days to respond. If I haven’t responded in a week, please chase me.

Help me help you!

Helping me help you​

Firstly: if you don’t get a copy of your message to me by Email within a day, then something has gone wrong. Please try again.
Second: I am now getting several Emails a week, sometimes several a day. The messages I get are short to the point of being rude (sorry, I know you wouldn’t be, and I do know everyone is crazily busy but …. Please introduce yourself briefly so we’re humans. Tell me where you’re working and, just one sentence, how you work and use CORE instruments.)
Third: have you tried the search facility for the site to see if what you want is here but not very obvious (do tell me if that’s the case and I will try to improve that).
Fourth and vital thing: the more detail you give me about your question, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to help you, and without us having to exchange more messages.
Back to the mundane stuff: please tick the “Accept terms and conditions” box and you may want to check our privacy policy.

I do recommend that you sign up to the CORE update Email list to be informed of developments (that link jumps to another tab so you won’t lose this).  Never more than one Email a month.

Thanks, Chris.

These terms & conditions are that I will have a copy of your message and whatever Email address you give me here and that, unless you ask me to delete it later, I will keep that on record to show that I had your message and be able to find my reply, see
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