Background and discussion documents

Created 4/3/20.

Trying to write an FAQ about mapping CORE measures to the ages of person offered it and running it by excellent colleagues made me realise that I had written something that was way too big to be an FAQ. I then thought it could become a blog post but realised that it was far too big for that too and not in the style of a blog. Hence this section of the site. I decided that it was probably a background document and it’s become the first of those. I think there may also be a need for what I’m calling “discussion” documents where I’m opening up some angle on CORE instruments or ideas that maybe need discussion. If you think you can see a need for either of these on some topic, do contact me and please note, though these are about CORE, unless it says to the contrary, these are my views and don’t necessarily reflect any official position of CST.

Mapping instruments to ages … and some hidden complexities in that.

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