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Gender classification in CORE instruments

This is rightly becoming a Frequently Asked Question and we’ve given it quite a bit of thought.

All our instruments currently use the binary classification “Male/Female” if they do ask about gender.  We can see that this increasingly unsatisfactory as our society slowly recognises the non-binary complexities of gender identity and recognises non-binary identities with increasing respect and with a new openness to the number of such identities.

We recognise that persisting with the M/F binary is sadly and understandably disappointing or frankly offensive to people who choose another category.  Whilst we recognise this we have always tried to keep demographic variables and their categories in line dominant referential data. In the UK such guides are the census classification, NHS data dictionary and the Integrated Household Survey (former General Household Survey).  All of these currently remain binary.

We recognise this as a serious dilemma and for now we have chosen to stay in line with those referential definitions but we are sure they will change, and we hope quite soon.  However, we also recognise that the best non-binary way to categorise gender identity is not agreed yet.

This is clearly an FAQ entry that will be updated in the future.

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