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An approved translation of the CORE-OM into Spanish was completed in 2011 with Guillem Feixas, Esther Gonzalez Sans, Luis Angel Saúl, Lluís Botella Garcia del Cid and additional support from many others. The first psychometric exploration was led by Adrian Trujillo and published (Open Access):

Trujillo, A., Feixas, G., Bados, A., García-Grau, E., Salla, M., Carles Medina, J., Montesano, A., Soriano, J., Medeiros-Ferreira, L., Cañete, J., Corbella, S., Grau, A., Lana, F., & Evans, C. (2016). Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the clinical outcomes in routine evaluation – Outcome measure. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, 12, 1457–1466.

More information has long been available on pages at the University of Barcelona: and the Spanish CORE-OM is increasingly appearing in publications and its use, and that of the short forms, is spreading in the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America.

In Ecuador, Clara Paz of UDLA (Universidad de las Américas) has led a very thorough exploration of the adequacy and suitability of the Spanish (Castellano) translation of CORE-OM which found that just one item might, arguably, be better if rephrased for Ecuador. However, a series of qualitative and quantitative studies, presented in a paper, showed that the rephrase showed no real advantages over the Castellano version. The exploration of the psychometric properties of the CORE-OM in Ecuador is already published:

Paz C., Mascialino, G., & Chris Evans. (2020). Exploration of the psychometric properties of the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation-Outcome Measure in Ecuador. BMC Psychology, 94. 10.1186/s40359-020-00443-z

More information on the use of CORE in Spanish in the subsite for the CORE in Spanish.

If you would like to join a developing group of people interested in using CORE instruments in Spanish do use the form below to contact us.

The PDFs of the different CORE forms will be mounted here shortly.

Options for online forms in Spanish for the coronavirus pandemic

With huge support from Pablo Sabucedo I have created Spanish fillable PDF forms for the CORE-OM, CORE-10 and YP-CORE in Spanish.

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