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Translations into Spanish

An approved translation of the CORE-OM into Spanish has been created by a team led by Prof. Guillem Feixas and is in use in Spain and suitable for use wherever Castellano Spanish is accepted.  PDFs of the translations of the CORE-OM and derivative short forms can be downloaded from links at the foot of this page.  Prof. Feixas has an excellent website giving Spanish language information about the CORE-OM at

A paper on the initial psychometric exploration has been published and is free to download from  This shows excellent psychometric properties with convergent validity findings against the BDI-II and SCL-90R. Further multicentre collaborative work is underway in Spain and one large mental health service in Spain is now developing a routine change measurement system built around the Spanish (and Catalan) CORE-OM and YP-CORE.  We really welcome more collaborators, see contact form below.


A translation of the YP-CORE into Castellano has also been completed and PDFs are being prepared and a paper one the psychometrics of the translation has been accepted for publication and should appear early in 2018.


Translation of the CORE-OM into Catalan has been completed and PDFs are being prepared and agreement is in place for translation of the YP-CORE into Catalan and that should happen within the next two years.  Some discussions of possible translation into Euskera/Basque but more collaborators are needed for that to happen.

Other Spanish translations or use of the Castellano translation in other countries

Exploration of where adaptations/translations to reflect use of a local Spanish that is sufficiently divergent from Castellano to inhibit use of the Castellano or impair comprehension and psychometric properties is underway but a translation for Argentina has been completed and PDFs are in preparation.  Exciting work led by Dr. Clara Paz is now underway in Ecuador see Ecuador CORE information in English or  Ecuador CORE information in Spanish.  Work is also starting up in Colombia and we are very keen to link with therapists, psychologists or researchers in any other Spanish speaking country.  Do contact us using the form below.


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Download the PDF files

All the Spanish files can be downloaded in one zip file:

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