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Translations into Finnish

An approved translation of the CORE-OM into Finnish was achieved by a team including Mikael Leiman, Jarmo Kontunen, Päivi Pylvänäinen, Mikko Inkinen, Kristian London, Jarkko Niemi, John Toni and Otso Peräkylä.  The measures are now in use in Finland and a paper on the initial psychometric exploration is in preparation.

PDFs of the translations of the CORE-OM and derivative short forms can be downloaded from links lower down this page.

A translation of the YP-CORE into Finnish has also been completed by Vera Gergov, Mikko Inkinen, Anni Saarela, Jannina Mäkynen, Jarmo Kontunen, Sanna Selinummi, Niina Saikkonen, Sara Knuuti, Aino Kuivila and Akseli Ottelin, see Finnish YP-CORE for more details and to request a copy.

All the Finnish files for use with adults, i.e. the CORE-OM and its derivative short forms, can be downloaded in one zip file:

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Or else you can select which you want to download:

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