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Adult measures

An approved translation of the CORE-OM into Finnish was achieved by a team including Mikael Leiman, Jarmo Kontunen, Päivi Pylvänäinen, Mikko Inkinen, Kristian London, Jarkko Niemi, John Toni and Otso Peräkylä.  The measures are now in widespread use in Finland and an paper with reassuring results from an initial psychometric exploration has been published: Honkalampi, K., Laitila, A., Juntunen, H., Lehmus, K., Piiparinen, A., Törmänen, I., … Evans, C. (2017). The Finnish Clinical Outcome in Routine Evaluation Outcome Measure: psychometric exploration in clinical and non-clinical samples. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, 71(8), 589–597. Contact me if you want a copy.

More recently, a paper about data from the Finnish CORE-10 has been published: Honkalampi, K., Flink, N., Sinikallio, S., Seilo, N., Karkkola, P., & Evans, C. (202). The psychometric exploration of the Finnish CORE-10 in a university student sample. Psykologia, 54, 274–287. It’s here but that’s behind a paywall. If you would like a copy, do contact me.


A translation of the YP-CORE into Finnish has also been completed, see Finnish YP-CORE page for more details.


Depending on your web browser, clicking on that will either open it, in which case you should be able to save it from there, or will offer to download it for you (or it may just download it to its default download location). Downloading means you accept the licence on the measure, see copyright and licensing information.

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