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More information per instrument

Click on the links to get more information about each instrument.

  • CORE-OM – the 34 item main “Outcome Measure” (hence “OM”): root of the short forms.
  • CORE-SF/A – first of the two original quasi-parallel 18 item forms.
  • CORE-SF/B – second of those original short forms.
  • CORE-10 – more recent short form as the pressure for yet shorter forms grew and it became clear that few practitioners alternate the original short forms.
  • CORE-5 – ultra short form.
  • GP-CORE – short form for general population survey work.  No risk items.
  • YP-CORE – short form adapted for young people aged 13-17.
  • LD-CORE – form based on the CORE-OM design but co-developed with people with learning disabilities for them.

The next two are instruments, not measures as they are practitioner completed and largely about contextual information, not change.

  • CORE-A TAF (Therapy Asessment Form) – practitioner completed form that gives context to the change measurement.
  • CORE-A EoT (End of Therapy form) – similar form completed at the end of the therapy.

Download the instruments

[We do not charge reproduction fees but you are not free to change the instruments at all.  Do please respect the Copyright and Licensing conditions of the instruments.]

If you want a language other than English, go to the Translations page, otherwise you can get all the PDF forms in English in one zip file:

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Or else select the particular forms you want:



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