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Page created 22/1/15, last updated 19/12/16 with updated information about the CORE-OM and news of the YP-CORE translation and links to my personal blog posts about or triggered by my trip to Albania and again 17/2/19.

An approved translation of the CORE-OM into Albanian was achieved through a two stage process now led by Dr. Blerta Bodinaku from the University of Tirana with input from colleagues and building on earlier inputs from Arlinda Cerga and friends and allies of hers.  PDFs of the Albanian CORE-OM and the derived short forms are available below.

Dr. Bodinaku has conducted a thorough initial psychometric exploration of the translation which shows good properties in both a very carefully sampled general population sample and a representative clinical sample.  We will submit that work for publication in the very near future: early 2019. 

Albanian YP-CORE

Multiple indpendent forward translations of the YP-CORE into Albanian have been completed and on 3/12/16 we held the focus group to compare those and come up with a near final versio.  Qualitative field testing and a back translation are being organied by Dr. Skerdi Zahaj is leading on that work and on a quantitative psychometric exploration of the translation that we hope will follow that, probably starting toward the middle of 2017.

If you would like more information about the Albanian translations or, which would be particularly useful, you might be able to contribute anonymised clinical or non-clinical Albanian data for further psychometric exploration, or could help with the translation and evaluation of the YP-CORE, do contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.


There is no canonical paper about the Albanian translation and its psychometric properties but we hope to submit a paper from Dr. Blodinaku’s work early in 2017 as noted above.  If you sign up to the CST updates Email list, you’ll be among the first to know when that paper is out!  (The form to sign up to the announcements list is in the footer of every page on this site.) 

I have written a personal blog post about visiting Tirana.  A cold weather funnel cloud in Tirana and Reactions to Tirana (and Albania) and Moving from clouds, and through clouds, to psychotherapy research came out of the trip.  I think I’ve got at least one more blog post brewing about Albania as it’s such a fascinating country.  That blog is my own personal views, not those of CST.


<All broken at the moment> All the the Albanian files can be downloaded in one zip file:

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Or else you can select which you want to download.  See for more information about the different measures.

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