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Page created 23/2/15, updated 10/8/19.

Yes, provided that you don’t change them in any way and you acknowledge their origin (by preserving the copyright link). If you need a translation, you must do it with us and according to our protocol. If you need a special format for some reason but will not change the content, use the form to Contact Us.

If you want to put the instrument into software, don’t underestimate how much is involved! However, provided that you don’t change the content of the instrument in any way, which includes preserving the copyright link at least once in the presentation of the content, then you may put the instrument into software without paying a licence fee. We would appreciate you notifying us if you intend to redistribute the software.  For more details see Copyright and Licensing.

If you can’t find that there has been an approved translation of an instrument then it is both very disrespectful and a copyright violation to do one without working with me (CE: designated lead for translations) and without doing it to our translation standards. To the limits of my availability I will support anyone wishing to do a translation to our standards: contact me (CE) to get that started.

Translations not on our approved translation list are illegal. Please contact me (CE) if you find one.

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