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Dr. Marija Farrugia stuck by her offer to coordinate the work to translate the CORE-OM into Maltese and she and I have been wonderfully supported by Dr. Ivan Zammit in this work.  The translation focus group happened in a lovely but brief visit to Malta back in June of this year (2018) and the thorough qualitative field checking and independent back translations (two) led to some final tweaks and we’re happy now (November 2018) that we have a good translation done completely to the CORE translation protocol.

We are very grateful to all of the following who contributed in various ways to the translation: Karl Amaira, Grace Barbara, Dorothy Bezzina, Vincienne Bezzina, Lily Bonello, Margaret Borg, Sarah Borg, Rebecca Bugeja, Joseph Buttiġieġ, Anna Buttiġieġ, Doreen Camilleri, Emmanuel Camilleri, Rita Caruana, Robert Caruana, Steffi Caruana, Bernadette Cassar, Charlie Cassar, Catherine Dimech, Lourdes Dimech, Chris Evans, Maria Daniela Farrugia, John Farrugia, Marija Farrugia, Connie Farrugia, Anton Grech, Karl Grech, Joan Antida Grima, Loredana Maggi, Tano Mallett, David Mamo, Daniel Micallef, Karen Pace, Mary Pace, David Schembri, Domenica (Donia) Scicluna , Matthew Vella, Ivan Zammit, Frederick Zammit, Mary Anne Zammit, Colette Zammit, Leonard Zammit, Richard Zammit and Rita Zammit.

We are very keen now to link up with people in Malta who might want to contribute anonymised CORE-OM or short form data to a database for psychometric exploration or who might want to lead translation of the YP-CORE (Young Person’s CORE) or the LD-CORE (CORE for people with Learning Disabilities/Difficulties).  With Marija and Ivan I have developed a LimeSurvey system for data entry to facilitate collaboration on psychometric exploration or research projects hosted on my own server or you can use our LimeSurvey template to host your own survey if you would prefer that.  If you might be interested in any collaboration: do contact us.



I have made up the CORE-OM. Depending on your browser, clicking on this may open it and the browser should then let you download it, or it may download it for you, perhaps asking where you want it downloaded first!

If you have a need for the short forms, e.g. the CORE-10 or the original “SFs”, the SF/A and SF/B: near parallel 18 item forms designed to be alternated to avoid “memory effects” or the GP-CORE designed for general population surveys rather than clinical use, then contact me and, time permitting, I will make them up for you and mount them here.

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