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This page lists all the languages in which we have approved translations, work ongoing to do a translation, or for which we have no translation yet but someone has asked for one. Use approved translations to find completed translations or to check that you have a legal translation.

Over 30 translations of the CORE-OM and over 10 of the YP-CORE have been started as of 11/8/19. However, some are work in progress and not all that have have yet been made into good PDFs.  The languages into which we would particularly like to complete good translations, for which a translation has been started, and those where the translation has been finished, are shown below.  Where the ISO language code is given in brackets, at least some measures are already available as PDFs either for direct download or on request to me.  If your language is not in the list and you want it and may be able to help create a translation to our translation protocol then again, contact me (CE) (CE).

Page created 11/8/19, updated 17/9/22 (correction courtesy of Mina Piiksi Dahli); author CE; header image, Toulouse, France, CE; licence for text and image: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) .

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