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Translations into Portguese

Translation of the CORE-OM and YP-CORE into Portuguese for use in Portugal and, potentially, any other Portuguese speaking country have been completed led by Dr. Celia Sales with Dr. Paula Alves and other colleagues.  A paper on the CORE-OM translation process and initial and very reassuring psychometric parameters has been published (Sales, Moleiro, Evans & Alves (2012). Versão Portuguesa do CORE-OM: Tradução, adaptação e estudo preliminar das suas propriedades psicométricas (The Portuguese version of CORE-OM: Translation, adaptation and preliminary data on its psychometric properties). Interface, 39(2), 54–59) and a more extensive psychometric exploration, with excellent findings and based on larger samples is nearing submission for publication.  Papers based on the use of the translation are emerging and the translation is increasingly widely used.

Publications based on work using the Portuguese CORE-OM

PDFs of the translation and short forms should be available here shortly (as of 1.i.15).

Brazilian Portuguese

A translation into Portuguese for use in Brazil has been completed and publication about it being submitted shortly and PDFs of that adaptation should also be available here shortly.  For more information see page Brazilian Portuguese.

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