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Lithuanian translations

The translation of the CORE-OM has been completed as has initial psychometric exploration both led by Dr. Rima Viliūnienė from the University of Vilnius.  The translation couldn’t have happened without support from Audronė Nemanienė,Laima Puteikytė,Ramunė Žilinskienė, Ieva Gaškaitė,Jan Hilbig and Lina Jurėnienė.

PDFs of the CORE-OM translation are available (below) and those for the short forms should be available soon (as of 2.ii.15) and a paper on the highly reassuring psychometric properties has been published: Viliūnienė, R., Evans, C., Hilbig, J., Pakalniškienė, V., Danilevičiūtė, V., Laurinaitis, E., & Navickas, A. (2012). Translating the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation Outcome Measure (CORE-OM) into Lithuanian. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, 67(5), 305–311. doi:10.3109/08039488.2012.745599.


Download all the Lithuanian PDFs as a single zip file:

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or select the files you want:

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YP-CORE in Lithuanian

We hope to complete a translation of the YP-CORE into Lithuanian in the not to distant future but this is very unlikely to be finished before the end of 2015.

Contact Prof. Evans and Dr. Viliūnienė if you have questions or want to help in any way

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