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Excellent approved translations of the CORE-OM and the YP-CORE into Italian have been done.  Both, of course, were substantial pieces of work involving many people giving time and energy to the work. The CORE-OM translation was led by Dr. Gaspare Palmieri and the YP-CORE was started by Gaspare with Dr. Nadia Lusuardi and finished by Rosalba Di Biase.


A paper about the translation of the CORE-OM has been published in Italian (Palmieri, G., Evans, C., Freni, S., Bajoni, A., Chicherio, M., Ferrari, S., … Reitano, F. (2006). La valutazione routinaria degli esiti della psicoterapia: traduzione e validazione preliminare del sistema CORE (Clinical outcome for routine evaluation). Nuove Tendenze Della Psicologia, 4, 371–386: not available online). That was followed by a paper about the very respectable psychometric properties of the publication based on an initial exploration of both help-seeking and non-help-seeking samples followed (Palmieri, G., Evans, C., Hansen, V., Brancaleoni, G., Ferrari, S., Porcelli, P., … Rigatelli, M. (2009). Validation of the Italian version of the clinical outcomes in routine evaluation outcome measure (CORE-OM). Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 16, 444–449. doi:10.1002/cpp.646). I think is Gaspare’s doctorate thesis on the work and a paper by Gaspare and the late and much lamented Franesco Reitano is Palmieri, G., & Reitano, F. (2014). La valutazione degli esiti degli interventi psicologici e il questionario CORE-OM. RIVISTA SPERIMENTALE DI FRENIATRIA, 1, 115–133.


A thorough translation of the YP-CORE into Italian has been completed fully to the CST translation specifications and procedure. A paper about the very respectable psychometric properties in help-seeking and non-help-seeking samples is nearing publication.

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