BSL (British Sign Language)

Created 1/1/15 for original site, last updated 6/8/20 to add links to LimeSurvey files

In a project led by Dr. Katherine Rogers, a BSL-using member of the UK Deaf community and a psychologist, the CORE-OM has been translated into BSL with a short video clip for each item.  In 2018 I did some work on moving the clips to vimeo and experimenting with mounting them in LimeSurvey for use from a LimeSurvey installation on this server.

There are still some technicalities to be sorted out but that looks promising. My own take is that the 34 items of the full CORE-OM presented in that way make for a long questionnaire completion time and I’m keen to explore empirically how much time is saved, for what I suspect is fairly little information lost (particularly given a likely difference in completion rates) if the CORE-10 is used instead of the full CORE-OM. 


LimeSurvey is an open source online survey system that can be installed for free on almost any web server, I have installed it on the server I use and it has worked fine for some years now. As well as installing your own copy, there are variety of professional support and hosting services for it, see Katherine Rogers of SORD and Francisco Espinoza, also of Manchester University have created two versions of the BSL CORE-OM as LimeSurvey surveys in the lss (an XML structure) format. You can download those from here:

The usual Creative Commons licence applies: you are welcome to use these without payment of any licence fee (though I’m sure SORD would love donations and have the infrastructure to process them) but you may not make money simply out of providing them and you many not change them in any way.


Contact me (CE) for more information if you are Deaf or work with the Deaf community as I’m very keen to find someone interested in testing the vimeo/LimeSurvey combination.

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