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In a project led by Dr. Katherine Rogers, a researcher and BSL-using member of the UK Deaf community, the CORE-OM has been translated into BSL with a short video clip for each item.  In 2018 I did some work on moving the clips to vimeo and experimenting with mounting them in LimeSurvey for use from a LimeSurvey installation on this server. More recently Katherine Rogers of the impressive SORD research unit in Manchester has replaced the original videos with what she tells me are clearer ones. (She’s a Deaf BSL user so I am sure she is correct!) She shared them with but I see they are on the SORD site:

My own take is that the 34 items of the full CORE-OM presented in that way make for a fairly long time to complete the measure. It would be interesting to think through and perhaps explore empirically how much time is saved if the CORE-10 is used instead of the full CORE-OM as I suspect the information lost might be compensated to some extent by a likely difference in completion rates. More importantly, I am sure that unless you are a regular LimeSurvey administrator, you are better off working with one of SORD’s options to present CORE in BSL to end users. See next section!


LimeSurvey is an open source online survey system that can be installed for free on almost any web server, I had installed it on the linux server I use for this site and other internet things and it worked fine for some years but it then stopped working earlier this year and I couldn’t work out why (neither could the LimeSurvey support but they told me this was extremely rare). As well as installing your own copy for free as I did, there are variety of professional support and hosting services for it, see and I would now recommend paying for one of their hosted systems and not running your own. Do contact me if you are a regular LimeSurvey administrator and want to go that way and I’ll send you the links to the videos you would need if the XML survey structures (below) don’t link to them. Katherine Rogers of SORD and Francisco Espinoza, also of Manchester University have created two versions of the BSL CORE-OM as LimeSurvey surveys in the lss (an XML structure) format. If you want to run these on your own LimeSurvey server you can download those from here:

The usual Creative Commons licence applies: you are welcome to use these without payment of any licence fee (though I’m sure SORD would love donations and have the infrastructure to process them) but you may not make money simply out of providing them and you many not change them in any way. As I’m no longer hosting a LimeSurvey server I can’t give any help with these: sorry.


Contact me (CE) for more information but I suspect you will get more expertise from SORD, I know Katherine is happy to be contacted via her page:

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