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Excellent approved translations of the CORE-OM and the YP-CORE into Italian have been done.  Both, of course, were substantial pieces of work involving many people giving time and energy to the work. The CORE-OM translation was led by Dr. Gaspare Palmieri and the YP-CORE was started by Gaspare with Dr. Nadia Lusuardi and finished by Rosalba Di Biase.


A paper about the translation of the CORE-OM has been published in Italian (Palmieri, G., Evans, C., Freni, S., Bajoni, A., Chicherio, M., Ferrari, S., … Reitano, F. (2006). La valutazione routinaria degli esiti della psicoterapia: traduzione e validazione preliminare del sistema CORE (Clinical outcome for routine evaluation). Nuove Tendenze Della Psicologia, 4, 371–386: not available online). That was followed by a paper about the very respectable psychometric properties of the publication based on an initial exploration of both help-seeking and non-help-seeking samples followed (Palmieri, G., Evans, C., Hansen, V., Brancaleoni, G., Ferrari, S., Porcelli, P., … Rigatelli, M. (2009). Validation of the Italian version of the clinical outcomes in routine evaluation outcome measure (CORE-OM). Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 16, 444–449. doi:10.1002/cpp.646). I think is Gaspare’s doctorate thesis on the work and a paper by Gaspare and the late and much lamented Franesco Reitano is Palmieri, G., & Reitano, F. (2014). La valutazione degli esiti degli interventi psicologici e il questionario CORE-OM. RIVISTA SPERIMENTALE DI FRENIATRIA, 1, 115–133.


The paper about the translation and its psychometric properties is Di Biase, R., Evans, C., Rebecchi, D., Baccari, F., Saltini, A., Bravi, E., Palmieri, G., & Starace, F. (2021). Exploration of psychometric properties of the Italian version of the Core Young Person’s Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation (YP-CORE). Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process and Outcome, 24(2). It is open access so clicking on that link should get you the paper.

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Manuals in Italian

Courtesy of Guido Rocca, we now have the original English language manuals translated into Italian. Guido works closely with SIPSOT ( and created the VETRAP system for CORE data (see the software supporting CORE page for a bit more information about VETRAP).

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