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Page created 1/1/15 for old site, last updated 1/9/20 to add link to page in Greek: Ίδια πληροφορίες στα ελληνικά εδώ. Same information in Greek here.

History and background

The original translation of the CORE-OM into Greek was co-led with my friend and then colleague, Dr. Katy Damaskinidou and it was completed many years ago now.  As Katy has for some years now lived and worked in the UK, Dr. Evrinomy Avdi, in the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, has taken over co-leading this work with me. Initial psychometric exploration from small but sufficient samples was good but was never high enough up in Katy’s or my to-do lists to get written up for publication but that’s about to change, see below.

Current situation (2019)


Use of the CORE-OM is slowly spreading in Greece and Dr. Avdi, with students and colleagues, has led collection of data from the Hellenic Center of Mental Health & Research, Department of Thessaloniki ( and general population non-clinical samples of convenience. In addition George Daglis has contributed anonymised CORE-OM data from a clinic of the Organisation Against Drugs (OKANA, in Athens. With these data we plan to submit a paper with initial psychometric exploration of the translation of CORE-OM for publication by the end of 2019.


Again, work led locally by Dr. Avdi has collected the necessary independent forward translations and two focus groups with older and younger adolescents looked at these. Subsequent qualitative field testing led to only tiny tweaks, so work, coordinated by Anna Symeonidou, is now setting up the first quantitative psychometric exploration of the Greek YP-CORE. If you think you could contribute clinical or non-clinical data to this work, do get in touch with us.

Development of a Greek CORE practice research network (PRN)

With the work on the CORE-OM and the translation of the YP-CORE and with routine baseline data collection from the mental health centre in Thessaloniki, with the creation of the Laboratory of Applied Psychology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ( and with interest from services in Corfu and Crete there was clearly a need for coordination and mutual support. As a result we are developing a practice research network to support and collate data from CORE instruments in routine use to monitor initial states and change over time in any services interested to look at their own work using self-report measures. For now the PRN will be for CORE measures but in the longer term that may expand to support services using other reputable measures. This work is being coordinated by Kyriaki M. Chranta based in the university Laboratory of Applied Psychology . If you think you or the service you work in might want to join the developing network , do get in touch with us.

CORE-A in Greek and for Greece

The CORE-A (A = Assessment) is a pair of forms completed by practitioners, the TAF (Therapy Assessment Form) and EoT (End of Therapy) forms which provide contextual information with which interpretation of change on CORE self-report measures becomes vastly more informative. Though translation of these forms is much less demanding than translation of the self-report measures, the TAF particularly needs adaptation to be appropriate and most informative for the country. We have completed translation of the EoT and it is available for download below. We hope to complete work on the TAF in the autumn (2020).

Stay in touch with developments

If you are interested to keep in touch with developments, do sign up for the CORE announcements Email list (very low traffic): the sign up form is at the bottom left of every page on this site.


We have opted to make the PDFs available for direct download but do encourage people contemplating using them to contact the developing Greek CORE PRN. Here are the existing, checked PDFs, those for the short forms will follow shortly.

  • CORE-OM female version
  • CORE-OM male version
  • CORE-OM unisex version
  • CORE-10 female version (short version for weekly/sessional use, see CORE-10)
  • CORE-10 male version
  • CORE-10 unisex version
  • CORE-SF/A female version (original 18 item short form, with the CORE-SF/B designed for alternating weekly/sessional use, see CORE-SF/A)
  • CORE-SF/A male version
  • CORE-SF/A unisex version
  • CORE-SF/B female version (see CORE-SF/B)
  • CORE-SF/B male version
  • CORE-SF/B unisex male version
  • GP-CORE female version (14 item short form for general population use rather than clinical use, see GP-CORE)
  • GP-CORE male version
  • GP-CORE unisex version
  • CORE-A EoT (End of Therapy practitioner completed form)
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