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Created by CE 4/3/20, thanks to Doris Coveny for the final question about ages that triggered this.

The CORE-OM and the derivative short forms were designed for use with adults, i.e., and rather loosely, from age 18. The papers about the YP-CORE (to date) describe as for ages 11 to 16 which seems to leave 17 year olds in a limbo.

I recommend that you use the YP-CORE up to age 17 and the adult measures from age 18, so I’m suggesting that the change age should be 18. If you have clients/participants in ongoing work or research who might pass through whatever change age you’ve chosen, then obviously things are more complicated. That doesn’t really fit in a short FAQ answer so I have created a small background document that discusses that issue and some other issues relating to age. However you can probably ignore that if your clients/participants are all older than 18 and younger than 65!

Page created 4/3/20, last updated 22/7/23 to correct poor wording thanks to Sally Kuhlenschmidt and doing a few other cosmetic tweaks. Page author and image (Chartres?) down to CE, both licenced: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) .

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