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In time, this file is going to contain links to all downloads, directly or indirectly. Work in progress!

PDF files for printing

It’s going to take a long time to build this set of links here for all the existing PDF files, and even longer to make up all the missing ones for completed translations where I haven’t yet had the time to do this. Currently, where I have PDFs and have uploaded them, you will find them at other locations on the site, usually under the information about the instrument and under pages about translations if they are in translation).

All the English language PDFs in one zip file.
All the English language and (existing and checked) approved translations in one zip file. (Currently just English and Portuguese sadly: work in progress.)
All the (existing and checked) YP-CORE translations in one zip file. (ditto)

As well as the standard PDFs for printing There are some LimeSurvey PDF files designed to be compatible with the queXF scanning system for some English forms.

“Fillable” PDF forms

Like the Google forms, LimeSurvey and Qualtrics files below, these were created for practitioners who have been using CORE instruments on paper but who are only working online in the coronavirus crisis. They are less confidential than Google forms so I really encourage you to try to use those rather than these forms. However, if your client understands the (tiny) risks of interception, you are welcome to use these from here Fillable PDF forms for CORE measures.

LimeSurvey files

LimeSurvey is an excellent open source online survey system which I have used so I made up forms that practitioners working online could use but only if they have access to a LimeSurvey server. (Sorry, at the moment I just don’t have the time and indemnity to offer use of my own server to many individual therapists: it would be a huge amount of work and some theoretical legal risks and I just don’t have enough spare time for all that. Anyway, they are at: LimeSurvey files for CORE instruments.

Qualtrics files

Qualtrics is a commercial alternative to LimeSurvey and widely used by universities and commercial entities globally. I have made up Qualtrics qsf files for CORE instruments and you can read more about them and dowload them at that page.

Created 21/3/20, updated 30/3/22; author CE (and header image, French Alps); licence, text and images: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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