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A CST site went live on 1/1/15 after a full month of work by me (CE) to create it so we could launch the site to coincide with the CORE instruments being released under their (perpetual) Creative Commons licence. However, by mid-2018 various things were in need of an overhaul. Critically, the download plugin I had used had broken and been deserted by its author. Looking into that and other challenges, including the huge change as WordPress evolved to version 5 at the end of 2018, made it clear that only a radical overhaul of the site would solve problems and improve robustness against likely future problems of the sorts we’d faced.

However, as we have never charged for the instruments (see Copyright and Licensing), we have effectively zero funding and time. This has meant that essentially all the work on the site and answering questions has been done by myself, Chris Evans, so as well as the technical logic behind this reboot, this new site is also clarifying that the site is not always a collective CORE System Trust (CST) take on things, but often my own views.

CST still exists and still owns the copyright on the instruments and I still work with Michael and Frank whenever something needs discussion and a collective decision. We/they may create a new CST site or they may create their own sites. However, I needed the liberty to reboot this site explicitly as my own take on CORE to avoid getting grumpy about workload. Generally, we continue to have pretty near complete agreement on major issues so this is not some split in the team, just rationalisation. The contact form will continue to come to me and if you feel strongly you need a collective CST view, please say so, otherwise I’ll use my discretion about when to bother Michael and Frank and when just to reply, and about when I can confidently say I’m answering for CST, and when I will be clear that they might have different views on something.

Most of the content of the original site, except in rare cases where it really was out of date, has been incorporated into the new site but I hope to extend this site considerably, interlinking with my own site that contains much of my non-CORE research: A few cross links to my personal, non-work site: may also creep in here in the years ahead!

If you want to see historical snapshots of the site from its incarnation (ignore the 2014 one), you can find them at:*/

Created 30/1/19, tweak update 3/6/21; author CE; licence: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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