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What’s in a name (1): scoring CORE measures

We may have caused a bit of confusion by introducing the term “Clinical score”.  Perhaps it’s not on the scale of the Capulet/Montague name tragedy (Shakespeare, 1591-1995?) but it may be worth explaining the scoring here as I do see mistakes and do get asked about this. History We started out scoring using the mean of the items and recommending pro-rating if not more than 10% of items were missing, … Continue Reading

New CORE publications

Welcome to 2015 and to the new CORE System Trust website. One of the many aims of this collective blog is to flag up work that is relevant or cognate to CORE. Two journals that are very good resources for psychotherapy research and for CORE in particular are Psychotherapy Research, the journal of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR), and Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, which is the research journal of … Continue Reading