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CST, CORE and the UK “Brexit” vote

All three of us as CST trustees are deeply disappointed in the outcome of the referendum.  As a part of a collective recovery from the vote, it seems important to make a statement about our position.  CORE is tiny in terms of the impacts of “Brexit” on the UK and the EU, and the horrible and uncertain impacts for so many EU nationals currently in the UK and the students … Continue Reading

Putting a CORE measure into software

Since the first of January (2015) anyone can put any CORE measure into software under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International licence.  Previously, we had restricted this permission just to people using the measure in software just for a research project and otherwise only to CORE Information Management Systems (CORE IMS) and people sublicensing through them.  See our joint statement for more information. The Creative Commons licence … Continue Reading

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to say that a very incomplete site, but one that contains the vital information about the change in licensing and the bare bones of all that will come, goes live, as planned, today.  Best wishes to all, Chris

Hello world, the CST blog is posting!

For now at least, the CST blog is a broadcast only blog.  We will rotate the job of posting between ourselves and use this to update people about new developments in and around CORE, the CORE instruments and system and CST.  Do use the contact form to alert us if you have things you think we’re missing that should be here, we’re always keen to hear about use any part … Continue Reading