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Translations into Tagalog/Philippino

Translation work hoping to adhere to our translation policy and procedure has started for the CORE-OM but, largely owing to my overload, I am unsure how far this has gone and whether it has been kept to the procedure.  As of 5.iv.15 I seem to be making very little progress in creating more time for CORE work and most of what I have created has had to be committed to the creation of this site (partly to cut time answering questions and make things more efficient in the long run).  Later in 2015 I hope to see where things are and will put a summary here when I’m clearer.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in this translation, contact me and sign up to our Email announcements which would carry any update on this and other translations (and any other important news about the CORE system).  The sign up form is at the foot of every page on this site and we promise never to send more than one Email a month so you won’t be overloaded by junk mail!


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