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Translations into Kannada

A lot of work was done on this translation, led by two Kannada speaking colleagues then working in Rampton Hospital at least eight years ago (as of March 2015).  The work was taken through to focus group stage according to the CST translation policy and procedure.  However, both colleagues were under significant work pressure, one moved on to another country and the translation coming out of the focus group, in a handwritten, is with him and I have been unable to persuade him to resume the work. This is always a danger when you are, owing to the copyleft status of the CORE instruments and the consequent zero income they bring in, utterly dependent on the huge generosity of people to make these translations possible.

I assume now that we have to start again with Kannada but if you know differently, or would like to lead that restart, or just want to contribute a forward translation or express an interest, contact me (CE).

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