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Translations into Gujarati

The first approved translation of the CORE-OM was into Gujarati, led by Hemangini Yadav and her dissertation may be available here.  She did a very thorough piece of work that helped frame the CST translation policy and procedure.  A PDF for the CORE-OM is available below and I (CE) am exploring the challenge of making up PDFs for the short forms. 


Currently, Ms Yadav’s thesis in Leeds University which is listed in Google books seems to be the only reference to the translation.  I (CE) am trying to see if we can get access to an electronic version of that.


[wpfilebase tag=file path=’language_-_gujarati/CORE-OM_Gujarati.pdf’ /]



If you could help with making up short forms using InDesign or want to tell me more about the Gujarati CORE-OM or might want to lead the translation of the YP-CORE into Gujarati, do contact me.


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