Farsi (Dari/Persian)

Page created 1/1/15 for original site, updated 9/2/15 and 23/2/19.

Translation of the CORE-OM into Farsi was started through the generosity of Bita Sasani.  However, pressures of her work prevented her from finishing it and it has been taken up by Leili Jamil, in the final year of her PhD (not on the CORE), in Tehran. She and I are currently (23/2/19) trying to get a good PDF of the translation ready. Do contact me (CE) if you need a copy. I know that Ms Jamil hopes to lead a psychometric exploration of the Farsi CORE-OM in use in Iran in the near future. I am hoping we can also find Farsi speakers willing to co-lead the translation of the YP-CORE into Farsi.

We are also very keen to have contact from people in Afghanistan who could check the acceptability of the translation there. Our initial checks are encouraging but we would very much like to have more thorough checking and perhaps to have some psychometric exploration of it in Afghanistan.

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