Argentine Spanish

Created 31/3/15, updated for new site 17/2/19.

For some Latin American countries a rather different Spanish translation is thought to be necessary and that was said to the be the case for Argentina and an approved adaptation/retranslation of the CORE-OM was led by Alejandro Lemos in Argentina with input from Ana Mayo in the UK back in 2012 and I believe it is in use in Argentina. As of 2017 I have been working with people in Latin America, led by Dr. Clara Paz in Ecuador and we are reviewing the complex question of which countries’ Spanish really is so different from Iberian/Castellano/Castilian Spanish that an adaptation is necessary. We are now working to create rational, empirical ways to explore that question. At the moment opinion suggests that Argentina may need one.

We hope to work with leading psychotherapy researchers in the Latin American chapter of the Society for Psychotherapy research to make CORE much more available in Latin America. (A Brazilian Portuguese translation of the CORE-OM is available, see here.) We have submitted proposals for a discussion and a panel around routine outcome/change monitoring and CORE in Latin America for the 2019 international meeting of SPR, 3-6/7/19 in Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, contact me (CE) if you want more information.

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