Creation date lost(!), page author Chris Evans, last updated 29/3/20.

Arabic CORE-OM

As of this update (26/3/20) work on the independent forward translations of the CORE-OM into Arabic are starting in Palestine, Qatar, Israel and the UK. The work is being led out of Palestine and with Palestinian Citizens of Israel (PCI) and input from Sulafa Yassin and Sereen Al Banna from Qatar. Sulafa’s contacts may bring input from people from other Arabic speaking countries but we’re keen to have input assessing the late drafts (when we get there) for any possible issues in as many Arabic speaking countries as possible. That would involve looking over the late draft and commenting on any issues and perhaps asking others, particularly those of different ages and different educational levels: a minimum of perhaps 15 minutes work up to some hours if you could check with a number of people.

If you might be able to help. Do please contact me.

Arabic YP-CORE

Has been completed see Arabic YP-CORE. That page is in English. We are hoping to have an Arabic translation of that page in the not too distant future.

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