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As well as the main site we are creating largely autonomous subsites in other languages, currently (January 2022) the Spanish language subsite has been up and running happily for months now and the Finnish and Portuguese subsites should follow shortly. The top menu of the site has the subsites (over on the right) so I recommend that you check out if there is a subsite in your own language before exploring the main site a lot.

The subsites aren’t aiming to duplicate the content on the main site but to foster communities of use in their particular language. To support use by people who don’t read English we are starting to translate pages on the main site into other languages. If that has been done for any page you will see in the main menu at the top of the page a drop down menu offering translations and also a line below the top menu and the page title listing the translations as clickable links. Please be aware that some translations are automatic AI translations and haven’t been checked and improved by a human being so you may have a laugh at some of them and have to use some imagination to work out what the AI translator thought the English was saying and from that what it did say. Sorry about that! We hope the translations, AI or human, are useful and that an increasing proportion of the pages will come to be translated into an increasing number of languages.

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