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The translation of the CORE-OM into Urdu was started many years ago with Dr. Bushra Butt and others when Bushra and family were in the UK and she and I were were working together a little clinically. That work has now been finished by Easha Shahid as part of her clinical psychology training, supervised by Dr. Ivan Suneel Samuel of Forman Christian College in Lahore with some continuing support from Dr. Butt now back in Pakistan. So we now have a final, approved translation which has been through the entire CORE translation process though to qualitative field testing in Pakistan. Early quantitative psychometric exploration by Easha looks promising and I will publish more information here as soon as that is available. We have two versions as PDFs, one with the item number using the Latin character set and one using Urdu numbers (there seems to be no absolute consensus about with numbering system would be preferred). These may be downloaded and used without payment of any fees provided that they are not changed in any way (see copyright and licensing).

PDF of the CORE-OM in Urdu with item numbers in Latin character set
PDF of the CORE-OM in Urdu with item numbers in Urdu

We hope at some point in the not too distant future to be able to mount all the short forms in Urdu too but that has to wait for the person power to create those PDFs.

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