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Translation of the CORE-OM into Slovak was one of the earliest translations and a first paper about this in Slovak is:
Gampe, K., Bieščad, M., Balúnová, Ľ., Timuľák, L., & Evans, C. (2007). A Slovak adaptation of CORE-OM (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation—Outcome Measure). Czech and Slovak Psychiatry, 103, 4–13.
The work was co-led by me with Prof. Laco Timulak supervising Dr. Matus Biescad for his Doctorate and they have published about the excellent psychometric properties of the translation (comparing with the OQ-45 and ORS):
Biescad, M., & Timulak, L. (2014). Measuring psychotherapy outcomes in routine practice: Examining Slovak versions of three commonly used outcome instruments. European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling, 16(2), 140–162. Scopus.



The YP-CORE has not been translated into Slovak yet but as of April 2022 I think this may be about to happen.

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