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Translation of the CORE-OM into Farsi was started through the generosity of Bita Sasani.  However, pressures of her work prevented her from finishing. Leili Jamil, in the final year of her PhD (not on the CORE) in Tehran then offered to help finish off the work and hoped to lead a psychometric exploration of the Farsi CORE-OM in use in Iran after that. However, as all translations are dependent on people’s generosity (as we have never charged for CORE instruments so have no income or capital), that was overtaken but life events for her. I’m very grateful for the help she added to that Bita had put in but as of 2020 I have been back to hoping to find Farsi speakers who might take up the vital last stages of this project. Do contact me if you want to know more about what would be involved.

I am also very keen to find someone who might co-lead the translation of the YP-CORE into Farsi which would make a good Masters level research project, or translation and psychometric exploration would make a good Doctorate. Again, contact me if you might help with that or might know someone who would.

I am also very keen to have contact from Afghani Dari/Farsi speakers who could check the acceptability of the translation which, as that is Bita’s background, was aimed at Iranian Farsi/Persian. Some initial checks were encouraging but I would very much like to have more thorough checking and perhaps to have some psychometric exploration of the CORE-OM translation for Afghanistan (if we can ever finish the version for Iran!)

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