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Created 13/4/20.

This is a new one so it’s hardly “frequentely asked” but I guess it may recur. Someone Emailed me in some anxiety having only a week to go to submit a thesis which used the GP-CORE (great, always so good to see CORE used sensibly outside the “clinical” realm). The university regulations required that the measure be included as an appendix and embedding the PDF wasn’t working. So I’ve made up images of all the English language forms. I’ve made them up in jpeg, TIFF and png formats but, unless it’s the only format your wordprocessor or typesetting system can handle, I’d avoid that: the quality is poor and the file size is large. If you need images for a translation, contact me.

Hm, I wonder what people using hardline copyright measures do? Incorporate an image somehow and break copyright? Leave the image out and risk failing your degree? Write to the copyright holder and hope for permission I guess.

CORE-OM page 1 jpgCORE-OM page 1 pngCORE-OM page 1 tiff
CORE-OM page 2 jpgCORE-OM page 2 pngCORE-OM page 2 tiff
CORE-10 jpgCORE-10 pngCORE-10 tiff
LD-CORE-14 page 1 jpgLD-CORE-14 page 1 pngLD-CORE-14 page 1 tiff
LD-CORE-14 page 2 jpgLD-CORE-14 page 2 pngLD-CORE-14 page 2 tiff
LD-CORE-14 page 3 jpgLD-CORE-14 page 3 pngLD-CORE-14 page 3 tiff
LD-CORE-14 page 4 jpgLD-CORE-14 page 4 pngLD-CORE-14 page 4 tiff
CORE-A TAF page 1 jpgCORE-A TAF page 1 pngCORE-A TAF page 1 tiff
CORE-A TAF page 2 jpgCORE-A TAF page 2 pngCORE-A TAF page 2 tiff
CORE-A EoT page 1 jpgCORE-A EoT page 1 pngCORE-A EoT page 1 tiff
CORE-A EoT page 2 jpgCORE-A EoT page 2 pngCORE-A EoT page 2 tiff
English language CORE instrument image files
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