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Started 26.i.21

I am hoping that these will be useful to other people. They are all tricks and tools to do things I, or sometimes colleagues or supervisees, have needed to do. Often they are things I repeatedly forget how to do, or things where I found the existing help and the online resources I found less than as helpful as I needed so I am hoping they may help others.

Open source #

I have taken a vow really only to use open source software for my data handling so don’t expect anything here about SAS (though I liked it and it was important to me years ago), or SPSS (where I started but not a system/program I like much). In fact, at the moment everything will be R and I’m probably too old to learn anything new though I do occasionally think about Python and/or Julia (and have fairly fond memories of Perl).

R and Rmarkdown #

I came to R when I lost a university access to S-plus so many years ago that it’s embarassing. For many years I programmed R in Emacs using the ESS extension of Emacs and I still use that when I working directly in my online server. However, for many years now I have worked with R mainly through writing Rmarkdown documents and using Rstudio. Rmarkdown is one of the markdown family of mark up systems: simple systems to add formatting and other polish and tricks to basic text files. Rmarkdown allows you to intersperse text blocks and blocks of R code and when you “knit” them, the R code is run and its output embedded inside a new document with the text parts. You can in fact knit in code in other languages than R, certainly Python, but I haven’t played with that at all so I think you’ll only find R code in my documents here.

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