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Xhosa translations

The translation of the CORE-OM has been completed as has initial psychometric exploration.  A PDF of the CORE-OM is available here (below) and I (CE) hope to mount PDFs of the shortened forms (CORE-SF/A, CORE-SF/B, CORE-10, CORE-5 & GP-CORE) in the next few months (as of 6.iv.15) and a paper on the highly reassuring psychometric properties is in preparation.


[wpfilebase tag=file path=’language_-_xhosa/CORE-OM-Xhosa.pdf’ /]



Please contact Prof. Evans for specific questions but if you want to be updated about the CORE system in South Africa and/or Xhosa, just sign up for the monthly CST update Email list, sign up information is at the bottom of every page on this site.


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