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Page created 1/1/15 for the original site, updated 5/4/15 and 17/1/19.

Brazilian CORE-OM

Portuguese as spoken and written in Brazil is sufficiently different from that used in Portugal, where the first Portuguese translation was made, that we were advised that we should have a separate translation.  This was led by Heloísa Junqueira Fleury working with others including Márcia Rosane Moreira Santana, Marília Marques da Silva, Danielle Souza de Moraes, Cláudia Cristina Fukuda, Lucia Helena Freitas Ceitlin and Maria Eveline Cascardo Ramos.

A translation into Brazilian Portuguese has been achieved by a small and approved adaptation of the usual CST translation protocol and initial psychometric testing confirms good internal consistency in a small clinical sample. I believe that a paper looking at quantitative psychometric properties of the translation is nearing submission (17/1/19).

With Dr. Clara Paz, based in Ecuador, and colleagues, including Dr. Heloísa Junqueira Fleury who co-led the initial adaptation, I hope to work with leading psychotherapy researchers in the Latin American chapter of the Society for Psychotherapy research to make CORE much more generally available in Latin America including in Brazil. We have submitted proposals for a discussion and a panel around routine outcome/change monitoring and CORE in Latin America for the 2019 international meeting of SPR, 3-6/7/19 in Buenos Aires.


A short article describing the translation/adaptation and initial evaluation is:

Santana, M. R. M., da Silva, M. M., de Moraes, D. S., Fukuda, C. C., Freitas, L. H., Ramos, M. E. C., … Evans, C. (2015). Brazilian Portuguese version of the CORE-OM: cross-cultural adaptation of an instrument to assess the efficacy and effectiveness of psychotherapy. Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 37(4), 227–231. Available for open access at

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