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Translations into Spanish (Castellano)

An approved translation of the CORE-OM into Spanish has been created by a team led by Prof. Guillem Feixas and is in use in Spain and suitable for use wherever Castellano Spanish is accepted.  PDFs of the translations of the CORE-OM and derivative short forms can be downloaded from links at the foot of this page.  Prof. Feixas has an excellent website giving Spanish language information about the CORE-OM at

A paper on the initial psychometric exploration has been published and is free to download from  This shows excellent psychometric properties with convergent validity findings against the BDI-II and SCL-90R. Further multicentre collaborative work is underway in Spain but we welcome more collaborators, see contact form below.

A translation of the YP-CORE into Castellano has also been completed and PDFs are being prepared.

Exploration of where adaptations/translations to reflect use of a local Spanish that is sufficiently divergent from Castellano to inhibit use of the Castellano or impair comprehension and psychometric properties is underway but a translation for Argentina has been completed and PDFs are in preparation.

Translation of the CORE-OM into Catalan has been completed and PDFs are being prepared and agreement is in place for translation of the YP-CORE into Catalan and that should happen within the next two years.  Some discussions of possible translation into Euskera/Basque but more collaborators are needed for that to happen.

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All the Spanish files can be downloaded in one zip file:

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Spanish (SPA) PDFs
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