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Translations into Scottish Gaelic

A translation of the CORE-OM into Scottish Gaelic was started in 2011 with kind input from Sabhal Mòr Ostaig OGE but the workload involved and the requirement to conform to CST translation and procedure was beyond what they felt able to contribute then and so we’re still very keen to find someone interested to lead a completed translation to our requirements.  If you are Scottish Gaelic speaking and feel you, or a student of yours, might be able to lead this work, i.e.  a translation of the CORE-OM, which would also give us the shortened forms (CORE-SF/A, CORE-SF/B, CORE-10, CORE-5 and GP-CORE), do contact me (CE).  Similarly, if you think you can lead and that there’s a need for translation of the YP-CORE and/or LD-CORE.


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