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Finnish translation of the YP-CORE

A translation of the YP-CORE into Finnish has also been completed by psychologist Vera Gergov, Mikko Inkinen, Anni Saarela, Jannina Mäkynen, Jarmo Kontunen, Sanna Selinummi, Niina Saikkonen, Sara Knuuti, Aino Kuivila and Akseli Ottelin.  A PDF of the translation is available and a careful clinical study of the psychometric properties of the measure in 13-17 year old patients has now been published:

Gergov, Vera, Jari Lahti, Mauri Marttunen, Jari Lipsanen, Chris Evans, Klaus Ranta, Aarno Laitila, and Nina Lindberg. 2017. ‘Psychometric Properties of the Finnish Version of the Young Person’s Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation (YP-CORE) Questionnaire’. Nordic Journal of Psychiatry 71 (4): 250–55. doi:10.1080/08039488.2016.1270352.


For now, we are continuing not making the PDF openly downloadable but to supply it to anyone who contacts us asking for it.  That way we can keep track of who is using it and encourage the formation of a Finnish YP-CORE practice research network (PRN).  We are very keen to find clinicians, and people who may be able to collect non-clinical samples (from schools and/or clubs perhaps) so that more extensive psychometric exploration of the measure will be possible and will have the sample sizes to allow detailed exploration of age/gender effects.  See the recent paper (Twigg, Cooper, Evans, Freire, Mellor-Clark, McInnes & Barkham (2016) ‘Acceptability, Reliability, Referential Distributions, and Sensitivity to Change of the YP-CORE Outcome Measure: Replication and Refinement’. Child and Adolescent Mental Health 21 (2): 115–23. doi:10.1111/camh.12128) for an example of these issues.  As with the Finnish YP-CORE paper, I’m a co-author on that paper and on that I did all the analyses.  I think that means that for both papers I think I can send a copy to anyone who wants one for their own personal use, use the generaL “Contact us” form to Email me asking for copies, or with any other questions or comments about the YP-CORE outside Finland.

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